Memory Palace

Welcome to my Memory Palace, a place for me to document my travel adventures, foodie explorations, and foray into photography.

This blog was previously entitled Delicate Arranged at morethanrawfish.wordpress.com and consequently neglected shortly after the blogging class that I originally created this blog for had ended. After moving to Detroit for more schooling, I revived and revamped this as a travel, food and photography blog.

Obligatory hipster dslr #selfie (#wannabehipster)

Obligatory hipster dslr #selfie… #wannabehipster

I am also interested in geeky television such as Doctor Who, Sherlock, Game of Thrones and Merlin; films of the superhero, Studio Ghibli and let-me-touch-your-soul-and-reduce-you-to-tears genre; animanga like Fullmetal Alchemist; RPG video games in search of Kingdom Hearts; photoshopping and writing (that’s right, 50,000 words :)). You can find more of my geekiness on tumblr. I also maintain a separate, anonymous blog about my nerdy adventures at school.

Unless specifically noted and credited, most of the photos on the blog will be mine (if you want to get technical, taken by my camera phone, point-and-shoot or Nikon D3000) and touched up in Photoshop.

[October 18, 2012]

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