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[Detroit] Coach Insignia

[NOTE: Excuse the low quality photos from this entry! Sometimes you just have to make due with a camera phone :/] One of the first restaurants that I went to in Detroit was Coach Insignia back in August. My friend … Continue reading

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So dark, can you handle it?

School has been sucking up so much of my time lately, hopefully things will be less busy after this weekend so that I will have more time to post! This is also going to be another short post. Continuing along … Continue reading

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Blowing Raspberries

I’m back! Thanks to the past few weeks of exams and projects and presentations and lab reports (oh yes, and spring break), I’ve had to take an unexpected hiatus from the internet. That, and I’ve recently been trying my hand … Continue reading

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Introducing the Dessert Club

If you’ve seen my previous posts about parfaits, ice cream and pudding, you know that dessert is SRS BIZNIZ whether it is the design or taste that hits you visually or olfactorily (is that even a word?) that it leaves … Continue reading

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Mmmmm! I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Yaki ice cream is ingenius. Just FYI. This came at the end of the tonkatsu lunch special from the previous entry. Before I even get into the spiel about dessert in Japan, as that is an explanation for another entry, … Continue reading

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Simply Parfait!

After going to the shooting bar, my friends and I decided that the Shooting Bar Burger wasn’t enough and ended up going to Joyfull Restaurant (yes, spelled like that) for some dessert! Joyfull Restaurant is a family-style restaurant, similar to Applebee’s and Red Robin … Continue reading

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