[Europe] Château d’If

Speaking of Monte Cristo….

Château d’If and the island of If

Château d’If, the fortress and prison where the fictional Edmond Dantès was imprisoned in Alexandre Dumas’ novel The Counte of Monte Cristo. It was interesting to go by and learn more about the history of the fortress and the actual prisoners that were housed there. There are two cells named after Edmond Dantès and Abbé Faria which actually had the tunnel going between the two rooms! I don’t know about you, but it was really exciting for a nerd like me 🙂

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[Detroit] Hudson Cafe

Tumblr is down, so my life as I know it is over. Just kidding… haha please don’t look at me like that :p But I’m finally getting started on processing some recent pictures. With classes and studying, I don’t get much time to go out and eat anywhere besides Subway. So when I do get the chance to go out and eat, I use it to spend time with friends and try out new food and explore the myriad of eateries in the city.

About two weeks ago, a couple of my friends from undergrad came to visit and we went to The Hudson Cafe, a breakfast/brunch place someone recommended to me when I was first looking for restaurants.

The Hudson Cafe

I never want to leave this place. There was so much good food! I ordered the Triple Triple Omelet.

Triple Triple – bacon, ham, sausage, cheddar, swiss & jack

Ginormous omelet of triple meats and triple cheeses, accompanied by the best house potatoes I have ever had and deliciously buttered wheat toast (see the corner of the picture). There are other choices for sides, but you can tell I’m trying really hard to be healthy 😉

Also, a picture of the Monte Cristo french toast that my friend had. Too pretty to not post!

Monte Cristo – ham steak, swiss & strawberry preserves

I love breakfast food, and this may be my new favorite place for brunch. Mooooove over, Angelo’s!

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[Europe] Eiffel Tower

I told myself I’d never do this, but I did 😦 I gave in to the navy exclusion effect!

(But it doesn’t look bad right?)

Anyway. The iconic Eiffel Tower. This was taken from below as my derpy, but wonderful travel companion and I wandered across Paris on foot for over an hour, trying to actually get there and climb up the damn tower. Cue the following conversation, several times over:

“I see it! We’re almost there!”
[30 minutes later]
“Does it look closer to you?”

We did eventually get there 🙂

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[Europe] Amsterdam Centraal Train Station

And another one for today, as I sit back and relax with my orange juice and Sherlock to catch up on. Cheers!

Amsterdam Centraal Train Station

Amsterdam may have eight or nine H&Ms just in the city, but they also have a beautiful train station. Amsterdam Centraal Train Station is one of my favorite, though Hakata Station in Kyushu and Marseilles’ train station come close.

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[Detroit] Don’t blink!

Phew! Finished up this month’s set of exams, so I can focus on posting some more recent pictures and adventures too.

Don’t blink!

Just in case you’re wondering, this is what I walk past on my in and out of my apartment building to school everyday. If you watch Doctor Who, you’ll understand why I stare it down for a few seconds every time I walk by. Don’t blink!

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[Europe] The Gloriette

The origins of my layout header and my memory palace! …at least if it decides to show up :p

The Gloriette in the Schönbrunn Palace Garden, Vienna, Austria

One of my favorite places of all the palaces and castles we went to–The Gloriette in Scholoss Schönbrunn in Vienna, Austria (colors tweaked a bit, I liked it a bit desaturated). It was built as a focal point and lookout point, and used by Emperor Franz Joseph I as a dining and festival hall. Now, there is a cafe and even if you don’t go in, you can still see a wonderful view of the palace along with the rest of the city. I’ll post a picture of the view another day 🙂

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[Europe] Ponte Vecchio

Now that my eye is no longer the size of this and sclera no longer a lovely shade of conjunctivitis, I can finally blink pain-free! All the more to post pictures study with 🙂

Ponte Vecchio; Florence, Italy

One of my favorite photos from Italy–view of Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy from the second floor of the Uffizi Gallery.

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[Detroit] New Start

Sunset from my apartment window, two months ago today–also two weeks into classes and three weeks of moving to Detroit.


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New layout, new header, new “about me” page, new categories and organization. And most importantly… RENAME 🙂

morethanrawfish.wordpress.com (Delicately Arranged) → throughmymemorypalace.wordpress.com (Let’s take a walk through my memory palace.)

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…I’m back?

Sorry for the abrupt disappearance! Blogging course ended and I lost steam in blogging (it was taking me hours to write and edit each entry… but of course, that’s what happens when you are trying to get a good grade ;)). And… consequently, forgot how to use wordpress :/ But I really do like blogging and want to start it back up.

Updates: This summer, I ended up going not back to Japan, but on an epic Europe excursion. I’ve also started checking out the different restaurants and exploring the new city I moved to–Detroit! School keeps me busy, but I’m going to try to revive this as a travel/food blog. Keep watching, folks! 🙂

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