[Detroit] Hudson Cafe

Tumblr is down, so my life as I know it is over. Just kidding… haha please don’t look at me like that :p But I’m finally getting started on processing some recent pictures. With classes and studying, I don’t get much time to go out and eat anywhere besides Subway. So when I do get the chance to go out and eat, I use it to spend time with friends and try out new food and explore the myriad of eateries in the city.

About two weeks ago, a couple of my friends from undergrad came to visit and we went to The Hudson Cafe, a breakfast/brunch place someone recommended to me when I was first looking for restaurants.

The Hudson Cafe

I never want to leave this place. There was so much good food! I ordered the Triple Triple Omelet.

Triple Triple – bacon, ham, sausage, cheddar, swiss & jack

Ginormous omelet of triple meats and triple cheeses, accompanied by the best house potatoes I have ever had and deliciously buttered wheat toast (see the corner of the picture). There are other choices for sides, but you can tell I’m trying really hard to be healthy 😉

Also, a picture of the Monte Cristo french toast that my friend had. Too pretty to not post!

Monte Cristo – ham steak, swiss & strawberry preserves

I love breakfast food, and this may be my new favorite place for brunch. Mooooove over, Angelo’s!

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