Traditional Dinner Set: You’re not complete without soup!

Another part of the ten course meal (albeit small courses, but it’s a lot nonetheless): soup! I’m sure you guys have seen this before… clam soup! It was a very light soup and the clams were delicious and fresh. I hadn’t eaten clams in a very long time, so this was quite refreshing.

Soup with clams

The funny thing is that before going to Japan, if I were in the states, I would rarely drink (clear) soup, and even more rarely eat seafood. The latter is due to my ME-NO-LIKE-MEAT-OF-ANY-KIND stint that lasted a rather long time, and the fact that I ate too much shrimp in my childhood. You know when you eat so much of one thing that you begin to hate it? Yep.

But in Japan, after implementing my I-WILL-EAT-SLASH-TRY-ANYTHING policy, I discovered just how delicious seafood could really be. I really have to say that after coming back from Japan, I have become a much less picky eater and basically will open my palette to anything. Within reason, that is. Hold off on the brains, please.

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