Traditional Dinner Set: Appetizer… or Course I

One of the most elegant meals I will always remember is when my host parents took me out to eat a very traditional dinner. That’s right, traditional dinner, complete with 10 courses/dishes. I counted. Don’t make fun.

Appetizer, yum!

With the Traditional Dinner Set, similar to the Cafeteria Series, I will be making a series of posts, each for a course of the dinner starting with the appetizer… or is it course I?

This is a lovely plate with five colorful components, balanced by a Japanese maple leaf (momiji – モミジ) in the middle–I assure you, that despite whatever it looks like, it’s not what you think it is! :p

Or is it just Course I?

Color is something that is exploited relentlessly in these dishes. There is the yellow sweet potato on the bottom left, the sweet pink ham in the middle and the perfectly fried tofu piece on the right that is accented by the crisp edges. To balance the colors, they have added the brown mushroom soaking on the top left, topped by a yellow flower petal. On the top right is a large… snail thing. I honestly don’t know how else to describe it.

In the traditional meal, I found that it wasn’t just about taste, but even more so about presentation. Going to this restaurant and seeing each course, I learned to appreciate the aesthetic and work that went into presenting me with an elegant but also delicious meal. So what do you think? Want to see more?

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