Tonkatsu: Take Two (and Three)

So, as you guys have probably guessed from my previous post, I really, really, really love tonkatsu in Japan, specifically from the restaurant called Anzu (あんず). So much that my host mum and host dad each took me there again… two more times. And each time, we gorged ourselves on the lunch special.

Anzu Lunch Special

Let me tell you, this lunch special is GINORMOUS. Not only do they have a chicken katsu this time, they have many, many side dishes.There is also seasoned rice, sweet Tamagoyaki (卵焼き) aka grilled Japanese omelet, a steamed egg dish, some steamed vegetables, more miso soup, and small steamed spring roll. I felt like I had eaten twice my body weight by the time I had left the restaurant.. it was that much.

Lunch Special at Anzu

While I really enjoyed the lunch special, I think the only thing I wanted more of was katsuuuuu~ :p

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7 Responses to Tonkatsu: Take Two (and Three)

  1. louiscicc says:

    How long til lunch?

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  3. Pheebz says:

    Oh my goodness, that does look exceptionally good. This is when you tell me this restaurant is nowhere near Kyoto, right? 😦

    • Amy` says:

      Unfortunately 😦 Are you located in Kyoto right now? I checked Anzu’s website and they have locations in Fukuoka, Tokyo, Taipei, and Seoul. Any chance you’ll be in the Fukuoka and Tokyo area? You really must try this tonkatsu! Of all the tonkatsu I had, Anzu definitely had the best!

      • Pheebz says:

        Yeah I’m in Kyoto until the summer but I am going to Taipei and Seoul next month! Not sure I’ll be eating Japanese food whilst I’m there but I’ll definitely be heading to Tokyo at some point! What’s the website link?

        • Amy says:

          Oooh nice! Sounds like fun, I’ll definitely have to check out your blog when I have more time after midterms. Food + Kyoto looks amazing!

          And here is the link to restaurant information:
          Scroll down a bit for the Tokyo locations–looks like there’s one around Haneda Airport and another in Ginza. I really hope you get to try some Anzu tonkatsu! And have fun in Taipei and Seoul! 🙂

          • Pheebz says:

            Ooh thanks! I’ll make sure to take a trip when I get the chance. My blog is all Japan and food related so you might appreciate it. I saw a hilarious public performance in Hiroshima over the weekend and will be posting the video as soon as I finish lesson planning (….the life of a teacher!)

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