Simply Parfait!

Strawberry Parfait (ストロベリーパフェ)

After going to the shooting bar, my friends and I decided that the Shooting Bar Burger wasn’t enough and ended up going to Joyfull Restaurant (yes, spelled like that) for some dessert! Joyfull Restaurant is a family-style restaurant, similar to Applebee’s and Red Robin here in the states. I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to eat at Joyfull for dinner, but the dessert was a special kind of amazing. If you take a look at their dessert menu here, you can see that they offer a selection of of ice cream and cakes. As you guys have probably guessed, my friends and I went for the parfaits.

Pictured on the right is my friend’s Strawberry Parfait (ストロベリーパフェ). Besides strawberry ice cream topped with whipped cream and a strawberry, there is cereal in the cup (a way to make this dessert slightly healthy) and two… somethings (wafers? the word is escaping me! please remind me of it!) on the side.

Matcha Parfait (和風パフェ)

On the other hand, I ended up getting a Japanese Style Parfait (和風パフェ – Wafuu Parfait), though I simply like calling it a Matcha Parfait. True to the Japanese aesthetic and taste, this parfait includes scoops of matcha and vanilla ice cream, topped with not just whipped cream and the wafers, but also a few pieces of mochi and deliciously sweet red bean paste just to complete the Japanese style. You may think that the soft, sticky rice cakes and the red bean paste would be weird complements to ice cream, but surprisingly, the sweetness of the red bean worked well with the vanilla ice cream. The mochi, because it isn’t as sweet as the other elements, holds a certain kind of balance against the sweetness of the ice cream and red bean.

Parfait (和風パフェ) from above

All in all, I absolutely loved this dessert. It gave the night (also part of the last week of the program) a sweet (haha I mentioned my nerdiness right?) ending, and I would totally go back for the parfait 🙂

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5 Responses to Simply Parfait!

  1. Stephanie says:

    Those look soooo delicious! I wish I could eat it right now! I’d love to try the Strawberry Parfait.

    Are they Nilla wafers?

  2. Cory Roberts says:

    Matcha ice cream is the best! Especially when it’s really creamy…

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